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 Armin Rosin 

in the relationship between theory and practice, in musical interpretation, and even the science of musical experimentation, Armin ROSIN is as versatile as he is successful. He is, first and foremost, a trombonist. However, in spite of numerous activities as soloist with leading German Orchestras, many recordings, radio and television appearances in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Yogoslawia, Holland, Poland, Spain and France, China and Korea USA and Africa he has undertaken doctoral studies on the history of the trombone, and has written a trombone method, shortly published by the Wiener Universal-Edition.

The international engagements have included — among others — ”festial weeks” in Berlin, Zürich and Strasbourg, the Warsaw Autumn FestiaI, Hitzackerer Musiktage, Schwetzinger Festspiele, Rencontres internat. de musique contemp. a Metz, Autumn Festival Paris, Rom,Milan Scala, Belgrad, Zagreb and Witten ”New Chamber Musie Festival” Jeju (Korea) Band-Festival, Semana Santa Musical (Valencia) etc.The multi-faced aspect of Armin Rosin‘s talent is also rather unorthodox, compassing an interest in old music — including historic instruments— as well as the new and even avant-garde. From a mere reading of his activities, one can see this broad range: Since 1968 he has been the solo trombonist of the Radio-Sinfonieorchester in Stuttgart, whose conductor was Sergiu Celibidache.

He is a member of several ensembles for modern music. In these groups, and in collaboration with well-known composers such as Taddeusz Baird, Werner Heider, Mauricio Kagel , Krzystof Penderecki and Isang Yun, Mr. Rosin seeks to expand the playing technique of the trombone. To this end 50 compositions have been composed expressly for him. Through not only the technical refinement of his playing, but above all bis capacity to express an unheard-of variety of nuances, he ”speaks” — in the truest sense of the word — with his trombone.

Armin Rosin was born in Karlsbad (Bohemia) As child he started studying violin and piano, later with his father (a known trombone-virtuoso) and at the Munich Musikhochschule trombone, also singing and conducting; music theory, research. and history at the University in Erlangen. At the age of 20 he was entrusted with the Position of the solo trombonist of the Bamberg Symphony, which he held for six years.

In addition to Mr. Rosin‘s primary activity in the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra and bis abundant soloist work in the concert hall, radio and recording studios, he does not neglect giving off his great experience to the younger generation. In 1975 he started teaching as a professional teacher at the Stuttgart Musikhochschule for trombone and wind-chamber-music. Since 1973 he is professor at several international courses e. g. ”Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt” und summer courses of the ”Jeunesse Musicales” at the famous Weikersheim castle. He has given workshops on the subect. ”New Techniques and Sound Possibilities of  the Trombone in Theory and Practice”.
In 1972 he received the Rotterdam ”Gaudeamus Prize” for musical Interpretation. 1979 Artist price 2003 Great cultural price of the Sudetendeutsche Landsmannschaft 

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